Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Lyrical melodies and beats

‎Build me a future, splendid and graceful. Make it better by design. Perfected strategies, applied technologies. A brighter future, for a darker age...

 From now to the end of eternity I'm going to listen to this electronica track every time I sit down to crank out my 3000 words of daily genre work.  It's pretty much a paen to optimistic science fiction as a hope for a better future in a ugly present.

I just discovered this group, VNV Nation, through a friend, and I plan on spending lots of quality time with their discography over the next few weeks

On a totally different note, here is one of my Sunday play lists of classy jazz. It's been chosen for songs that are both good and accessible, so that most listeners should enjoy them. In other words, nothing too crazy, abstract, or avant-garde.

Sundays are my off day. A rest period when I take a break from electronica, techno, indie, and alt in favor of classical works and the many flavors of jazz. That and bluegrass on occasion.

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