Thursday, May 10, 2012

We'll get an anti-insurgency fixed-wing aircraft someday

But probably only after the war is over at the rate the US Air Force is going.

USAF Re-Opens Light Attack Contest. | Defense Tech:

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(Warning, rant by former Army sergeant follows)

The US Air Force went off the rails in a big way this last decade. Not only has it been unable to deliver the 5th generation fighters it's staked its future on in order to fight a war against a hypothetical enemy for anything close to the budgeted cost, numbers, and reliability it promised, but it also hasn't been able to field even a small fleet cheap ground attack fighters to take part in the actual wars that we've been fighting in the meanwhile.

After dragging its heals, kicking and screaming for several years, the Air Force started the process of setting up a contract to to buy a light attack planes optimized for close air support in conflicts like Iraq and Afghanistan in 2008. After finally having conducted a flyoff between competing designs earlier this year, it's torn up the contract it signed with Embraer because of a "paperwork error."

So back to step one, eleven years after we started fighting low-intensity insurgencies as our bread and butter operations. Thanks a heap USAF...

( /rant)

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