Friday, July 27, 2012

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

I have way too many ideas. Easily enough story ideas for six or seven novels.

Why is this the case? Because I have so many ideas about the world and about people from reading all the freaking time about science, technology, history, the lives of individuals as captured in biographies, and, of course, from reading other people's works of fiction. That and all my time spent living abroad as a civilian and earlier, as a soldier.

I've got so many such ideas that if an angel of the lord were to take up a fiery sword and drive out everyone from the temple of art who was there for ego or fame, I'd be one of the few who was spared because of a love of the narrative of concepts and of the storytelling possibilities inherent in the web of relationships that connect them within consilient worldviews.

This week I'm taking a break by revising far-future novelette about teens, Taosim, and nanotechnology. Or rather, about teens surviving and fighting back when the Taoist- and nanotech-centered world order that they've grown up in is overthrown. I've also got an already written near-future novella about an overland expedition across the devastated United States as the world attempts to recover from the effects of a catastrophic eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano, which I really need to turn into a novel. Even though the novella has got a lot of great scenes that wowed most of the alpha readers, several of them were good enough to point out that at such a short length it doesn't have enough room to adequately convey the story of a man who's lost history's greatest price to its largest catastrophe, and who's still struggling to create something inspiring in a frozen and hungry world. Then (or well, rather, first off in the work que) I really need to spend more time working on world refinement for the second novel in my Operational Arts trilogy--the first of which, Phase Line Escher I've already started shopping around.  

I've been making steady progress writing and writing and writing (plot, character, action, lather, rinse, and repeat), but of the more I get done and the more I read books and watch films, the more ideas seem to pop up. Now, after having played Skyrim  for the past few months and then taken a break from it, my head is filled with ideas for a pair of fantasy novels. One about young people in a young world where gods are emerging from the ranks of animist spirits, and magic is closely tied to the primal laws of quantum mechanics, relativity, and thermal dynamics. The other about adults in a harder, slightly darker, and more medieval world in which reality is somewhat consensual, and ideas expressed through the power of words and captured in cultures can physically alter the fabric of everything that is. 

Feh! Ideas! I love' em, but there are times when I feel like I might drown underneath 'em all.

Anyways, to make a liar out of myself, here's some more Skyrim photos. Partly because I didn't have room in my previous posts, and partly because they seem to be popular with a segment of this blog's readership according to its analytics, but mostly because I'm in a fantasy genre kind of mood today. 

Oh yes, to be clear these are all screen captures form my games that I've generated using Steam' F12 image capture feature.  

Below: Showing off more of those high resolution texture maps and lighting mods

Below: The Midas Magic Mod's Meteor Storm spell. It's a nice addition to the game's under-powered vanilla magic catalog. This one in particular is good because of the cinematic quality, and because it's nice having strong magic that allows a leveled spell caster to do things like lay waste to armies. 

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