Saturday, August 18, 2012

An entire weekend of writing

Two solid day of genre writing and writing copy for a client. Sweet! This means that much music will be listened to over the next forty-eight hours, and for some reason I'm on a serious electronica kick.

Summer music for me is normally an excursion back into pop music, classical rock from Zeppelin to 90s stuff, and the realm of guitar-driven melodies in general. For some reason this summer, however, I'm having a hard time putting down the synth tunes. Both a certain spread of the dubstep spectrum (coherent and lyrical stuff) and electronica like VNV. Or rather especially VNV. Their combination of intelligent lyrics, driving melody, and rhythm is like crack while writing.

Anyways, the genre writing this wekend is a bit different because it's all world building for my Operational Arts trilogy. Historical narratives, technologies, synopses of each major institution or social collective that has a bearing on the trilogy's story arc, and so on. Normally this kind of nerdery is something that teenagers and newbie writers spend a lot of  time on, and I haven't been into it for several years.

Which may have been a mistake. Both because it's a fun change of pace, and it really seems to help me connect with the sense of place and atmosphere. Not that I'm going to let myself get carried away with it, because there are only so many keyboard hours in a day. Or that four years spent focused more on character development and conveying emotional interchanges has been bad, But revisiting dedicated world building feels like being able to step back, see the big picture and get a fresh breath of air. It feels like I've got a much better idea of where the story is going.

That latter bit is what I'm hoping will differentiate this current burst of world building from the kind of pointless, detail cluttered geeking out I used to do. Now it feels like accruing all of these details into a coherent document offers several insights into the characters and where their lives are headed amid all of the historical tumult.

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