Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bizarre videos

I used to regularly post bizarre videos on this blog in the heady days of early web 2.0, when blogging and YouTube clips were shiny and new. Back then candy tasted sweeter, the sky was bluer, and the Japanese were on the cutting edge of the strange when it came to audio/visual. Now the the South Koreans seem to be taking over.

Every time I see a clip like this from the Land of the Morning Calm the desire to go back there strikes, and strikes hard. There have been so many changes in attitudes reflected in everything from girls with bare legs and mid-drifts in music videos, to the insane popularity of StarCraft as a national sport. It's very different from the country I spent a year in, which was just settling into its new-found status as a stable democracy. Instead of being the most wired nation on Earth, it was a land where both mobile phones and computers were rarities, and the internet was some strange, faraway American thing that I had a difficult time gaining access to.

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