Friday, August 03, 2012

Kill Decision, by Daniel Suarez

I'm going to be seriously disappointed if someone does not make a Hollywood blockbuster based on this action-driven techno thriller. Out of Suarez's three bleeding-edge technology novels, this one is clearly written for a mainstream audience outside of Silicone valley.

Along with the adrenaline, the story takes a look at the future of armed, autonomous drones mated with different forms of artificial intelligence. While the use of an ant colony model is played up for some good moments of swarming horror, the overall conceptual exploration of drone warfare and autonomous weapons platforms is somewhat shallow and more than a little one-sided. Still it's very much worth the read, and it does make for a good point of entry into these issues. With the open nature of the ending I'm hoping for a second novel that makes a more in depth journey through the perils and possibilities of 21st century AI weapons systems.

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