Friday, September 14, 2012

Free reads? Free reads!

Download a copy of my award-winning short story bundled with a novella set sixteen years after the events of "Lisa with Child." Available for Kindle readers and most Windows or Mac computers at no cost, Friday, September 14th through Sunday the 16th on

Product Description: After a forced retirement from the CIA, former field operative Karin Linhart finds herself haunted by memories from a career spent hunting extremists armed with nanotech weapons of mass destruction. Now, on the verge of Karin's return to the Agency as a private contractor, her synthetic bodyguard, Lisa, announces that she has violated the ultimate law governing weapons systems in the mid-twenty first century: the ironclad ban on self-reproduction.
With her own future suddenly in doubt and both Lisa and her unborn child in grave danger, Karin must struggle to discover the reasons behind her friend and guardian's choice, even as time is quickly running out for both of them. Karin's superiors are close to learning the truth about Lisa's decision, and Karin will soon be forced to choose between a career that gives her life meaning and the continued existence of a being whose emotions and thoughts were meant to be extensions of her own.

An award-winning story of symbiotic redemption, Lisa with Child is a journey into a near future where rogue AIs seek to subsume humanity and the borders between biological and machine life are about to be forever blurred.

"Lisa with Child" first appeared in volume 26 of the prestigious Writers of the Future annual anthologies, after being chosen for inclusion by a board of prominent science fiction authors that included Anne Mccaffrey, Larry Niven, and Orson Scott Card. Lisa with Child - A Novella also includes the novella Lisa and Kim, a story about the ties that bind families together and a lethal software entity who stalks a gifted young woman across the Pacific Northwest of 2050.

Get them today for free!

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