Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Headed back: Reno to Portland

Just north of Reno

The 'low' high country where the granite Sierra Nevada Mountains end and the volcanic Cascades begin. Also, a meeting place between the ecologies of the high cold sage desert and the mountains.

A small volcano: One of around a dozen edifices both dormant and dead within the vicinity of Mt. Lassen, the southernmost of the Cascade volcanoes.

Approaching Mt. Shasta from the south on lonely state route 89

Roadside volcano is open and serving. OK, probably not. Cinder cones like this one tend to be one-shot affairs.

Mt. Shasta and its three main peaks from the west.


Laurie Tom said...

Just wanted to say I love all your photos. :) I have your blog on my feed reader so I see them a lot, but figured I should say something.

Alex Black said...

Hey, Laurie. I'm glad that you like them, and many thanks for saying so! Getting ten good photos often involves shooting 400, picking twenty likely ones, and then discarding all but the best looking. Fun, but it can be time consuming.