Sunday, September 30, 2012

Military science fiction seen through real world eyes

There have been a couple of fun articles floating around on the internet, which analyze a pair of seminal science fiction series through the lenses of history and present day military affairs. In the Foreign Policy article "Aircraft Carriers in Space" the editor of Small Wars Journal looks at what the reboot of Battle Star Galactica and other other works get right and wrong bout space combat. Of particular interest is the fact that apparently E.E. Dock Smith's 1930s Lenseman novels inspired the US Navy's incorporation of combat-information-centers into the design of its flagships. In a similar vein, Ben Adams contributes the well reasoned piece "Systems, not Sith: How Inter-service Rivalries Doomed the Galactic Empire" over at, which explains the defeat of Star Wars' evil empire in terms of the branch service battles that have historically plagued militaries here on Earth.

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