Sunday, October 28, 2012

Another round of Skyrim

The next States and Nations post will be up on Monday. In the meanwhile, here's a quick break from science and science fiction with another round of in-game Skyrim shots from my Best of File. These are from earlier in the year, when I had the game tweaked for a saturated high fantasy feel, rather than the more realistic palette of muted colors along with the sharp, high-contrast lighting that I settled on towards the end of my time in Skyrim.

I've probably mentioned this before, but I enjoy the occasional fantasy book or game because the genre is more about being in the moment than techno thrillers and science fiction. It's generally not as encumbered by deep meanings and implications, so it provides a welcome, primordial pause of imagery and sensation when I'm overthinking the world.

House of gods

Night home

Drama in three dimensions 

Winter fall

Night bright

Wolves on a beach

Pandora's sphere

Hide site (tents and camouflage)

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