Thursday, October 18, 2012

Evidence of neanderthal immigration to North Africa

The original Africans are Neandertals (in part) | Gene Expression | Discover Magazine:

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You might be wondering, why all of the recent posts here about neandertals and other hominids? Partially it's an extension of my fascination with the evolution of the human thought. In my eyes we are our thoughts. Thoughts are the very experience of what is to be a human being, and the medium for all the drama that goes with that condition. The bones and artifacts left by our fellow hominii, and how they apparently interbred and competed with us says something about how they processed the world in their heads.

I'm also interested in neanderthals and other hominids because it dovetails with my science fiction writing. The trilogy I'm working on deals with the co-existence of sapient species during an age of star flight. The ability or inability to live side by side is a central issue, as is the influence of biology from separate spheres of evolution that affects how each sapient species sees the world. That, and how these species grapple with using emerging bio and nanotechnologies to alter those modes of perception. When it comes to writing characters and conflicts in such a setting it's both useful and fulfilling to take a look at the last time that our Earth hosted multiple sapient species who lived in close proximity to one another.

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