Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Neanderthals: A summary of us and them

Today's links of interest

Neanderthals ... They're Just Like Us?:

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National Geographic has a good summary on what's known and not known about the state of relationships between modern humanity and the neanderthals. Divergences, convergences, and all that.

PTSD and resilience 

Stress: The roots of resilience : Nature News & Comment:

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Science journal juggernaut Nature takes a look at some of the neurological underpinnings of brains that are altered by severe trauma and those that come through horrific events unscathed. This is an article that I will be revisiting, as my military science fiction takes a look at all aspects of war. That includes the years that come after and the ways in which technology may change or eliminate PTSD, for good and bad.

Five planets, one star

Tightly Packed Planets Spotted Around Sun-Like Star | Wired Science |

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A Wired piece on the Kepler space telescope team's discovery of five near-Earth sized planets orbiting their star, all within the radius of the planet Mercury's close in circle around the Sun.

Bin Laden down

Alternative to Bin Laden Raid: A Teeny, Tiny Missile Strike | Danger Room |

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Also in Wired, an interview with Black Hawk Down author Mark Bodwen on his new book The Finish, which describes the lead up to the raid that kill Bin Laden, and the alternatives that were discussed. Included the interview is a link to a Wired article that describes the ground-level fusion of intelligence and special operations functions within the Joint Special Operations Command, which came out of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan this past decade.

While the linked article's author is judgmental and uses various military terms incorrectly or out of context, he still sketches a good portrait of how the formerly separate worlds of combat operations and intelligence gathering were finally integrated at the operational level. As a personal opinion, I think that this is the biggest revolution in military affairs since the advent of the mechanized warfare and the overall 20th-century trend of integrated combined arms operations of armor, infantry, and indirect fire elements taking place at smaller and smaller unit levels.

Cork: A photo journalism essay

How cork is made: an illustrated guide:

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Also, for the delight of fellow wine-loving onephiles, a fantastic photojournalism essay that shows the making of wine corks.

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