Monday, October 22, 2012

Self-publish Vs. Traditional publishing

Today my near-future espionage novella, Lisa with Child, cracked the top ten on Amazon's free techno thriller list. Meanwhile, the VIRAL anthology with my other novella, The Call, has hit #2 on the war list, and is sitting at 807 overall in the Kindle store. But it's also going for free.

I just need to figure our how to convert some of that volume from giveaways to sales, while waiting on a yea or nay from a traditional publishing house regarding a novel. The dilemma of self-publishing versus taking the time and patience needed to go the traditional route is excruciatingly frustrating on days like today. It's a real temptation to bolt to one side or the other when one is showing signs of life, rather than continuing to work both.

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