Thursday, October 11, 2012

Place holder for the next States and Nations article

Apologies for the recent lack of posts here. I've gone back to school full time to pick up some programming skills. Linux, JavaScript, and the like. I'm also hunting for an apartment while trying to keep up my science fiction writing output and meet my copy writing obligations. Once I'm settled in with a roof of my own overhead I should be back to doing one article and a couple of minor posts here each week.

The lack of bogging has been frustrating because I've been looking forward to tackling the subject of what future nations and other human collectives might look like. The nation-states that we live in are a relatively recent invention, and I would be surprised if they end up being the end-all be-all of human social development. Our future starfaring descendants may well one day look back at the science fiction of the early Space Age, and have good chuckle over how naive our depictions of 20th century industrial nations among the stars are. Crazy Earthbound people, why not fantasize about interstellar samurai kingdoms, spear-wielding hunter-gatherers living on asteroids, or  planet-wide chiefdoms?
At any rate, I'll knock out the next article in the series--which looks at the potentials and dangers of different forms  cyberdemocracy--this weekend, or die in the attempt. In the meanwhile there is a fairly good article up at Slate that's worth a read if you're looking to fill up a few internet minutes with something that's intellectually nutritious. It takes a summary look at the current genetics- and fossil-derived  view that the ice-age paleolithic world was one in which there were multiple species of humans bumping up against one another on many different views.

That's right. I'm so busy and stressed for time just now that I'll even stoop to tossing out insinuations about sex to keep my readers happy.  Not that I ever do that in fiction or anything...


Paul said...

"interstellar Samurai Kingdoms"? You mean like Star Wars during the Old Republic? :D

Alex Black said...

Exactly. Though Star Wars was less an exercise in futurism and more an expression of Lucas' love for Kurosawa samurai films. That and 1930s pulp science fiction like Buck Rogers serials.