Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in music

Discovered the joys of VNV Nation this year. A group that nails a particular science fiction vibe for me, in just the right way. That, and their optimistic sound made for a nice change of pace amidst all the economic gloom.

Charlotte Gainsbourg brought a more complex sound to the year.

San Francisco based Thao Ngyuen supplied an amazing intensity and an interesting pop song complexity

The same song performed on a rainy Paris back street at night. Seriously, the 90s left me with an incurable weakness for acoustical versions of my favorite songs. I'm not proud of this.

Sometimes the reverse holds true, though. Portland based electronica band Yacht remixing Portland based Mirah's acoustical "Make it Hot" was a lot of fun.

The Heavy's "How You Like Me" met my electric funk needs for the year, and I totally didn't discover this song through beating Borderlands 2. #Lies!

John Murphey's "Adagio in D Minor" from the sound track of the science fiction film Sunshine got top billing on my Genre Writing playlist. This was thanks to Knate Myers' now famous compilation of nighttime footage of the Earth, as seen from the International Space Station in low orbit. This was also my favorite video of the year -- almost a religious experience, and I still haven't gotten bored with watching it.

This year's playlist on Rdio

Also, I went through a mullet rock period this year. Not that I'd ever admit that on the internet where it'll haunt me forever.

Some good friends have been watching the long-running urban fantasy series Supernatural, which features a lot of choice southern rock. That was enough to push me over the edge, apparently. Call it a need to rock out without restraint. Call it an acoustic monument to having survived childhood in 1980s Nevada, but sometime you just have to capture that sensation of headbanging behind the wheel of a 79 Trans Am, and it has to be done with in music.

Enter at your own risk. You may gaze into the mullet, but the mullet also gazes back into you.

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