Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Space Magic - David D. Levine

Fellow Portland writer David D. Levine now has an anthology of stories out through Bookview Cafe. This is the ebook version of the Endeavor award-wining trade paperback of the same name, originally published by Wheatland Press. It can also be found on Amazon.com and Powell's in hardcopy and digital.

David has won or been nominated for just about every major award in science fiction. Space Magic includes his Hugo winner "Tk'Tk'Tk" along other several other stories that have brought home statues and literary trophies.

Product Description:

"This Endeavour Award-winning collection pulls together 15 critically acclaimed science fiction and fantasy stories that take readers from a technicolor cartoon realm to an ancient China that never was, and from an America gone wrong to the very ends of the universe. Including the Hugo Award-winning "Tk'Tk'Tk," the Writers of the Future Award winner "Rewind," "Nucleon," "The Tale of the Golden Eagle," and many other highly-praised stories, Space Magic shows David D. Levine's talents not only as a gifted writer but as a powerful storyteller whose work explores the farthest reaches of space as well as the depths of the human heart."

Also in Portland Writing News:

The speculative fiction writing community has started two fundraising efforts to support award winning author Jay Lake, whose ongoing battle with liver cancer has taken some ugly turns in recent months. My favorite of the two is Sequence a Science Fiction Writer, which is raising money to read the genome of Jay's tumors in hopes of finding a new and more targeted treatment regime. I donated directly to Jay's tip jar on his blog, but contributing to the campaign hosted on YouCarring.com might prove to be a good deal more entertaining for you. For example, Neil Gaiman will be performing a Ukulele cover of a yet-to-be-chosen track off the Magnetic Fields album 69 Love Songs in honor of the campaign passing $20,000. Donors who contribute more than $50 will be entered into a drawing to chose which song Mr. Gaiman performs.

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