Monday, February 11, 2013


Back when I was earning my history BA, I was a much more prolific blogger. At least it looks that way, skimming back through the 2009 and 2010 archives. This time around as a CIS student, the blog output has slowed.

Part of it's the new topic. It's much easier to make history and its trends interesting for you, gentle readers, than are the nits and grits of the Internet's TCP/IP protocol stack, or the minutia of Linux, which I'm immersed in at present. That'll change as time goes by, and I get a better handle on the subject matter. Maybe the details won't get any less technical, but I'll be able to better communicate a sense of significance and urgency about Internet issues, the practicalities of augmented reality, and realities of cyber espionage.

Another issue is, that unlike the last time I was in school, I'm doing a lot of fiction writing. So there's just not as much keyboard time left over for Consilience. Lastly, what I'm using for the blog for just now is also slightly different.

At present I'm updating the future.

Or rather, I'm updating my ideas about the future might look like. Hence the States and Nations and Dystopias series of mini-essays -- essays that take a fair amount of time to think over and write. That drive to update is also behind all the talk about cyberwarfare issues, and why 3D printing has been making appearances in this word space.

Hopefully next term will be a little calmer as far as academics. In the meanwhile, I'll do my best to make at least two posts a week here. Probably one essay, and one shorter post on some random topic of interest, from technology, to genre issues, to wandering around the Pacific Northwest.

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