Saturday, April 06, 2013

Apologies for the long silence

The end of the last school term and a lot of fiction writing ended up taking up most of my time these past few weeks. A's were earned, and good revisions made to an existing work in response to thoughtful criticism by an insightful  beta reader. So it was productive stretch, but this poor blog sat neglected as a result. With the start of a new term, things should get back to normal. Which will hopefully not include regular apologies.

Also, the delay in posting wasn't entirely due to productivity run rampant. A play through of the entire Mass Effect trilogy during the last two weeks of school and spring break didn't help either. On the other hand, being a broke-assed student once again, it was the closest thing I got to a road trip or other form of actual vacation, vacation, and it was relaxing. Or rather, it was amazingly immersive and created a wonderful sense of transport. Of actually being someplace exotic and beautiful and...well...elsewhere.

I still dislike the trilogy's ending. Even with a year's distance from the initial impression, and the explanatory extended cut tacked on, the story still feels like it goes massively off the rails in the last ten or so minutes. Without getting into details, it's like someone tried to stitch the end of 2001: A Space Odyssey on to the final minutes of Return of the Jedi, but with none of the setup, character development, and threaded themes that prepare film-goers / game players for a cerebral finale.

Ginger Femshep crooks an eyebrow at your ending (From ME2)

What I enjoyed about Mass Effect 3 this time 'round was the recently released Citadel DLC. The new content added some much needed lightheartedness to second half of the game, and a sense of emotional closure that was absent from previous iterations.


Lastly, a tip of the hat to whoever hacked my account  for this blog and left a cryptic message in a draft article about "making the unit look good." It's certainly thematic, with all of the writing these past few months on cyberwafare issues, and a little flattering. That said, I'd appreciate it greatly if you didn't try and go for a lot flattering

Mass Effect 2: Best of Photos

Some favorite screenshots from the ME2 play through. Sadly, EA has not allowed in game photos in its Origin software overlay, so I've got nothing for Mass Effect 3. Which is a shame, as it's a beautiful game aesthetically.


Dodge Ball

Shepard, I think a major plot point got cut somewhere between the second and third games...

Guns. Lots of them. 


Hudson School

Shepard Commander!

Breath, aim, release, squeeze 

Psychics at War. Oil panting. 

Riding off into the sunset brown dwarf 

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