Thursday, April 11, 2013

Military Humor

The Internet and Web 2.0 have democratized publishing. Which mean's there a lot of funny shit stuff out there these days, from webcomics to online magazines like The Onion. Sadly, it's taken a long while for military humor to find its way to the World Wide Web. The actual blistering, rough-edged laugh splatter that soldiers and Marines tell one another.

That void has finally been filled during the past six months. A series of publications have popped up, mostly produced by surly veterans. The language is harsh (except for those effete Air Force comics) and the humor ranges from deadpan irony to the bluntly profane, as befits a cultural context of extreme emotions, life and death experiences, long stretches of sleeplessness, and years spent away from civil society and loved ones.

It should go without saying that these are all massively Not Suitable For Work, and individuals with delicate sensibilities will find themselves reeling.

Three favorites

The Duffle Blog. It's The Onion for the military. The articles cover all the Armed Forces, ragging on everyone from Navy Seals to linguist students at the Defense Language Institute. My favorite is the one about Chinese intelligence operatives traumatized by their online contact with US service members. Because, you know what? It's entirely possible.

Chinese Hackers Complain About Perverted American Military

Terminal Lance: No one is as bitter about the Marine Corps as a former Marine, and no one is as proud of having served as an Ex-Marine.* It's one of those dichotomies that former Lance Corporal Max Uriarte captures perfectly. That and a lot of the standard Marine phallocentric  humor.

Seriously Marines, what's up with all the dick jokes and graffiti? It's enough to make the rest of us wonder.

Doctrine Man. An anonymous Facebook feed, Doctrine Man covers the absurdity and heartless bureaucracy angles of life at the Pentagon. It's definitely officer humor, but you know what? We all need to show some tolerance now and then. Even of them.

*Yeah, I know. There are no Ex-Marines. Deal with it. 

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