Tuesday, May 07, 2013

More on self-sustaining cities

Cities Are the Future of Human Evolution:

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I09 has an good article up on self-healing / self-sustaining cities of the future, which dovetails nicely with this week's States and Nations 3.0 article.

Also, fellow Oregon writer and military science fiction author Lael Salets shared an excellent short film with me on augmented reality over on Facebook. Feel free to drink in the noir and ponder how an added overlay of virtual art and marketing media, selectively filtered the new generation of augmented reality glasses, might affect the world we live in, for good and bad.

I see the new technology as a continuation of the current trend of blending the online world and physical that was kicked off in earnest by the arrival of smart phones. Only with the glasses it will be much more graphic, interactive, and add an audio component.

Or maybe it will go the way of Second Life and 1990s-style virtual reality.

If it makes the cut, however, then the street really will find its own uses for it, as St. Gibson once spake.

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