Sunday, June 09, 2013

Silent War

The Changing and Terrifying Nature of the New Cyber-Warfare | Vanity Fair:

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A worthwhile long-form summary in Vanity Fair of all places on the current cyber-tussle between Iran and the US. My worry about the ongoing attacks on financial institutions, oil companies, and infrastructure nodes is the potential for events to spiral out of control. No one's done any of this before; no one has a good sense of what the limits or thresholds of pain are, or what the Archduke Ferdinand of our online world might be. There are some days when reading through the news when I wonder others felt the same way in 1914: concerned that economically intertwined world powers could find themselves suddenly sucked into an rapidly escalating conflict fought using new weapons with implications and destructive effects that will take years to fully fathom.

The Vanity Fair article is certainly timely. Especially with this week's revelations regarding the wide net of online intelligence gathering being conducted by the US National Security Agency and the Obama administration's attempt to get the ball rolling regarding a developing a more focused cyberwarfare capability

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