Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Other Places: The Normandy

A gorgeous high-resolution Mass Effect 2 tribute film by game-environment enthusiast Ultrabrilliant, which explores the spaces of the Normandy SR2. It evokes some of the sense of being elsewhere - someplace very other and different - that the ME series was so good at creating.

Via Kotaku

Earlier this year, between the Winter and Spring school terms, I was dead broke and the weather here in the Pacific Northwest wet and crappy. So I stayed home and played through the entire Mass Effect Trilogy in a week. The sense of transport felt like being on vacation. The immersion in one-hundred hours of game play made it seem like I had gone away and stayed gone for two or three weeks. It was an amazing experience, though not one I'm likely to repeat unless I'm independently wealthy at some point in the future. Even then, I'd probably elect to travel out in the physical world rather than stay in.

Still, it was a good reminder of the experiential intensity of genre fiction when it's done right. Well executed works can make us feel like we've experienced another volume of time and space, both in terms of culture and physical environment. That, and a sense of immersion in issues that either once troubled us as a species, or that may do so in our future.

Also by Ultrabrilliant and worth checking out, a gorgeous and heavily modded tour of Skyrim.

If you enjoyed either of these you should hop over to Ultrabrilliant's YouTube channel and give him a couple of Likes.

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