Monday, December 30, 2013

The Year In Music

Somehow I missed this understated 80s-flavored science fiction film when it came out, but I've gotten copious millage out the soundtrack since discovering it. Some of the best fiction and technical writing sustainment music I've had to work with in several years.

And at long last VNV instantiated another album.

Crystal Castles, who also helped to keep the writing music queue full of sustained intensity.

The local music scene here in Portland continued to offer sublime minutes.

Speaking of Portlandia...

And there was more Amanda Fucking Palmer, also at long last.

At at really long last, almost sixteen years after their previous studio album, Mazzy Star - who are the soul of rainy days and dream-like reveries - reappeared. Despite all the meanwhiles gone by between projects, Seasons of Your Day is nearly a perfect continuation of their sound. A natural evolution that feels like it's been three years and not almost two decades.

Max Richter's Infra was an achingly good journey of modern composition. Particularly "Infra5". That track is everything you've ever wished Classical music was.

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