Monday, January 27, 2014

Sending thoughts on the Internet

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The Internet. An ancillary nervous system of sorts for humanity. At least in metaphor and figurative statements until recently. Now it's tripping over into a very real extension.

New Research Suggests Two Rat Brains Can Be Linked -

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Early this last year it was rat brains passing thoughts over the Internet. Motor-function impulses in which one rat was effectively transmitting a learned behavior of pressing levers, mind to mind.

Now it's human beings.

Don't Call It A Mind-Meld: Human Brains Connect Via Internet : The Two-Way : NPR:

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The humans are a little more fortunate in that they're wearing magnetic stimulators and readers outside their skulls, rather than dealing with implanted electrodes. Still, it's yet another transference of motor-function impulses - that moment of drive to do something very specific, to carry out a precise task movement.

Of course these might not necessarily be thoughts, depending on one's definition of the word. There's no semantic knowledge being imparted. Still, it's a conscious experience - simultaneously a drive and an awareness. And sharing on this level is something very new in the word.

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