Saturday, March 29, 2014

In the classical garden

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of the city. A place I still love after five going on six years here. But as fortune would have it, I've a new camera that I've been frothing at the mouth to try out for more than a week now.

OK, so the level of enthusiasm isn't quite rabid, but it still feels like forever and a day since my last camera shuffled off the plastic coil this past summer.

In the next few months I'm hoping to take said new camera on weekend trips around the US Pacific Northwest. Shoot some photos of the cities, volcanoes, glaciers, coastline, and marine and people creatures. But to start out, something local:

Portland's Lan Su Classical Chinese Garden

Yet again, apologies for the paucity of posts here on Consilience. Five thousand words of good novel writing today, but almost no text to spare for the poor blog. In part, because I use this site as my test platform for writing about complex issues that I may or may not use in my fiction. This is where I let the academic voice run wild, and dive into technical or historical details. It's also the first step in slimming down and novelizing these ideas. Or put differently, a space for figuring out how to get my literary brain wrapped around the big ideas, and then present in accurate but streamlined words. Words that speed along a plot rather than choke it to death.

That said, but damn I need to start using shorter sentences here. I sure as hell wouldn't drop these kinds of convoluted word structures on my professional technical readers or on a genre audience. And I should not be hurling them at you, kindest blog readers.

While I apparently don't need to blog much when cranking out a novel, abandoning this platform and it's readership for months on end is still kind of dick move. One I'll work harder to avoid making.

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