Monday, May 26, 2014

Beautiful views from space: Live

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Astronauts and cosmonauts have talked about the sheer profundity of being there in space, and seeing the world as an immense, raw reality amid the backdrop of the cosmos. Apparently it's a vastly different point of view and than being walled off from the sight of eternity, and trapped in the narrow, sky-shrouded bowl that we call life on the surface of our home planet.

In that kind of mind space, up above the world as we know it, religious experiences have been unusually common.

I've always got one browser tab open and running the ISS Ustream. While I'm certain that it's nowhere near the same as being there,  I never get tried of taking breaks to see what the world looks like on the opposite side of the sky. And I suspect I never will.

Whatever the strengths and weaknesses of the science performed on the ISS, the space station's time in orbit,  along with the flood of pictures from Mars and the outer solar system, and Hubble's view of the great beyond, have rekindled a love of spaceflight in the public. Most especially in the Millennials and the younger half of the GenX cohort. Space is suddenly cool in a way that I've never seen it in my lifetime.

If the above screen if grey or black, hop on over to the ISS view site and check out where the space station is. Black usually means its above the earth's night side, and an orbital sunrise will be coming up shortly.

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