Sunday, November 09, 2014

Fall In Portland

I'm presently rereading Karin Armstrong's A History of God. A fantastic comperative text that describes the evolution of one of the most important components of human thought: The various concepts of god.

An interesting topic in part, because naturally there are some very divergent ideas that have emerged in historic time about of the ultimate being or chain of being. These ideas are often more complex and nuanced than commonly depicted in popular secular and mainstream religious sources. Especially when getting into to what degree humans can apprehend an elevated reality believed to predate the universe. That, and the sheer impact of these ideas in shaping one of humanity's major family of paradigms.

More on this thread in the evolution of our species' worldviews later.  In the meanwhile fall. One of my favorite times for wandering my lovely city with camera in hand.

The Goose Hollow Inn: A neighborhood institution and haunt of the pre-hipster middle class. Because a post about Portland wouldn't be complete without mentioning hipsters.


The mast of the old heavy cruiser USS Portland. One of the US Navy's most decorated vessels from the Pacific theater during World War II.

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