Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Ninja Squirrel Pirate Raider

It’s not like he likes the taste of pumpkin, but rather it seems as though he is compelled to return every few days and check once again if the big orange fruit is just as disgusting as the previous time.

Kind of like me and those Swedish salt licorice vodka candy shots — nasty, yet fascinating all the same.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Minny Trip

The first day of the trip was unseasonably warm and beautiful. Minneapolis was fantastic - an industrial city in the process of being polished and cultured up.

The American-Swedish Institute was very charming, the museums were great.

The trip back — well winter finally arrived and it was interesting. Our four hour drive took nine. We counted 16 cars in the ditches, one of which is visible in the above photo.

We made it safely back without mishap in time to buy groceries and bunker in for a weekend of films and homemade pizza.

At Long Fucking Last!!!

How many of us and them are needlessly dead because of this man’s incompetence? Anyways, this was close to the best Veteran’s Day present that I could have asked for.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Oregon Trip

Hiking, Portland, and the Columbia River Gorge

Today’s Theology

I’ve been watching HBO’s series Rome as well as rereading Karin Armstrong’s A History of God, so I’ve theology on my mind this week.

Religion was an entirely different animal before the coming of the revealed, monotheistic faiths. The ancient myth-based belief systems had an entirely different impact on culture and how their followers saw both religion and the world:

“Nobody expected religion to be a challenge or to provide an answer to the meaning of life. People turned to philosophy for that kind of enlightenment. In the Roman empire of late antiquity, people worshipped the gods to ask for help during a crises, to secure a divine blessing for the state and to experience a healing sense of continuity with the past. Religion was a matter of cult and ritual rather than ideas; it was based on emotion, not on ideology or consciously adopted theory.”

Karin Armstrong, A History of God, p. 91