Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Meanwhile, Back at Work

After the Storm


Normally I like nothing more than having a bottle of cheap Chianti with pasta or pizza. LBM enjoys this as well and decided to try out a $20 bottle of the good stuff. It tasted like merlot. A really tasty, black pepper aftertaste merlot, but still it was not the cheap Chianti experience that either of us was looking for.

So, back to the good low-price wine for now.

Oh yes, Jens now has a blog as well, as you can see in the sidebar.


More YouTube strangeness, just because .

That and only on Japanese game shows are you allowed to torture people with such inane, casual pop-culture cruelty .

At any rate, the first day of work. It took twenty minutes to dig out the car, and then the driver’s side door handle snapped off when I tried to open the door. It turns out the doors were frozen shut, and it required an additional twenty minutes with a spray can of lock de-icer and a spray bottle of rubbing alcohol to melt the ice off the door seals.

More snow on the way tonight, so we'll see if any more hills collapse down in San Fran.

This weekend, LBM and I WILL get my side of the garage cleaned out. No more of this parking outdoors sh*t.

The old Q crew was certainly happy to see me back, and that was cool. Very cool.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Oy Vey! Winter Comes at Last!

We had this odd pause, where the Nevada winter went on hold for a month, and we were left in a seasonal limbo. And now it’s back again—4 inches (9 cm) in 4 hours and projected to continue until tomorrow afternoon. So much for the first day back at work.

Ein Heffe bitte

The first batch came out decently. More of a bitter hops flavor and not quiet as much wheat flavor as I had been hoping for. The solution: Add twice as much wheat extract and reduce the hops boiling time in the wort. The result: Good. Still a little more hops than I like, but a respectable amount of wheat in the mouth taste, and a decent body to boot.

At any rate, thanks to RH for holding my hand through the process.

My ideal is to do the perfect homemade pizza with the perfect Heffe. What I need to do is get a hold of the actual Weiher\nstephaner yeast—which is available commercially—to get the complete German flavor that I am looking for.

Making progress, and enjoying the taste!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Alex’s Volcano Tour

Andesitic divinities, or so they are described in the myths of the Pacific Northwest Indians. At any rate, I had fun driving past and exploring some of the region's strato volcanoes on my way south.